Entrepreneurial Strategies
for Higher Education

NACCE unites community college presidents, educators, administrators and center directors focused on igniting entrepreneurship on their campuses and in their communities. We provide a variety of strategic resources, professional development opportunities and access to funding, accelerating the growth of entrepreneurship across the nation.

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One thing has become abundantly clear for college and university leaders over the past decade. The status quo is no longer enough for academic institutions to survive and thrive. Student demand has evolved, technology has changed the game and expectations from external stakeholders (like government leaders and employers) are sky-high.

In order to succeed in this new marketplace, institutions need to find innovative ways of developing programming, problem-solving, delivering on key student outcomes and improving processes and efficiency. We need entrepreneurial strategies for change-makers in higher education. These courses provide roadmap for navigating the future of higher education.

"Samantha is an amazing instructor. She curates material from experts and innovators in the field, then mixes with her own professional experience to make the material easy to access, relatable and highly practical. Ranging from broad theories to minute details, Samantha covers her topics from start to finish in an actionable way. I loved learning about the concepts I had heard in passing, applying them to my work, breaking them down until I could see not only how they functioned, but how to master them and make them work for me. I highly recommend Samantha's fresh style of teaching!"

- Caleigh Keith McKinnie
Director of Culture & Retention at NEFCO Corporation